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Reviewing the Laws

Sarah Gounder

Board Member

Current Role: Associate General Counsel at Iterable

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Meet Sarah

Sarah began her career in technology six years ago in MarTech playing an integral part in the hyper growth of Iterable, Inc., a cross channel marketing platform. Notably, she was the company’s first legal hire, and worked closely with Iterable’s Chief Information Security Officer, leading Iterable’s GDPR efforts and other privacy initiatives. 


Currently, Sarah is the Associate General Counsel at Iterable. As the AGC, she leads commercial, product, HR, privacy, and corporate efforts, and was a key lynchpin in the global expansion of the legal team and Iterable. Prior to her legal career, Sarah was a Marketing Director for CBS Radio. 


Sarah was inspired to join Treasure Valley Women in Tech because of her belief that we are better together. Throughout her career, Sarah gained a vital community through mentorship and networking opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of whom were integral to helping her become the trusted leader she is today. Sarah believes that Treasure Valley Women in Tech is an invaluable opportunity for women to come together, cultivate meaningful relationships, and utilize their own successes so that other young women can achieve the same.

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