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Jordan Miller, PhD

Board Member

Current Role: VP of Sales & Marketing at IdeaRoom

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Meet Jordan

Jordan came to the technology sector from an unlikely background. After studying wild chimpanzees at Jane Goodall's research center in Tanzania and receiving a PhD in Hominid Paleobiology from the George Washington University, she moved to Boise began working on a tech start up related to science education. It didn't take long before she connected with some amazing founders in the local start up community and was persuaded to join the IdeaRoom team.


Currently, Jordan is the VP of Sales & Marketing at IdeaRoom. Her days vary from inventing new product offers, to implementing technical solutions for clients, to closing new accounts. A start up jack of all trades, her passions lie in creating scalable strategies for achieving rapid growth at early-stage tech companies.


A former Division I athlete, Jordan likes to borrow a turn of phrase from her favorite sports star Michael Jordan to summarize her perspectives on women in technology: "You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them." She looks forward to helping other young women with unexpected backgrounds launch their careers in tech. 

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