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Taking Notes
Brittany Giudici

Brittany Giudici 

President & Founder

Current Role: Director of Communications at Microsoft


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Meet Brittany

Brittany’s foray in the technology industry began as a new college grad, when she was hired by Apple, Inc. to do marketing and communications for the iPhone 3GS in Cupertino, CA on Apple’s Worldwide Sales team. From there, her career took her all over the world with tech companies focused on online retail, human and AI-generated language translation technology, and multi-national enterprise software.


Currently, Brittany is the Director of Communications for Microsoft, owning and driving the communications for both its global cybersecurity division and Microsoft’s executive vice president and technology luminary, Charlie Bell, a cofounder of Amazon Web Services.


Brittany founded Treasure Valley Women in Tech in 2023 on the belief that southwest Idaho is full of women who bring unique and valued gifts to the technology industry and the communities in which they operate. However, many of these women work in a hybrid or fully remote environment from their homes, lacking opportunities to network with their peers. Further, this creates an unfortunate, but natural barrier, removing organic and holistic opportunities for these leaders to mentor the next generation of young women forging their own path in technology.


Treasure Valley Women in Tech was founded on the belief that you can’t become something if you don’t see it. Representation matters. Our nonprofit provides women in this community the opportunity to come together in meaningful ways, utilize their skills, and pour into the next generation of visionaries and changemakers.

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