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Membership Commitments

Thank you for considering becoming a member of Treasure Valley Women in Tech!


So what does membership actually entail? We're so glad you asked.

  • Core and Mentor members of Treasure Valley Women in Tech are either current or recent full time employees of a technology company, or working in a technology focused role.

  • Junior members are young women looking to pursue careers in technology focused companies, currently employed but early in career, or looking to grow leadership skills.

  • Our members commit to attend at least two or more of our quarterly networking events per year. Building community requires consistent connection and our members show up for each other! We also host optional, social focused activities during the year. These invites are exclusive to Treasure Valley Women in Tech members. 

  • Members do not solicit each other for unwanted, outside business opportunities. We appreciate a good side hustle, but our events are not designed for this. Thank you for respecting this and our members valuable time.

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