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Fostering connections, growing leaders.

Treasure Valley Women in Tech is focused on the professional and personal development of women in southwest Idaho. Our members are role models in the community who are committed to equipping women to lead fulfilling, productive careers in heterogeneous, technology focused fields. We accomplish this through long-lasting mentorship relationships, research-based outreach programs and advocacy, and by fostering an environment that develops the next generation of diverse innovators and changemakers. 


  • We believe that women bring unique and valued gifts to the technology industry and the communities in which they operate. 

  • We believe that communities in which women hold leadership positions benefit from a different set of skills and imaginative perspectives. Female leaders bring structural and cultural differences to the table, which drive effective solutions. These communities and corporations are stronger and more vibrant due to these contributions.

  • We believe in providing opportunities for women to come together in a meaningful way, utilize their skills, and pour into the next generation of visionaries.

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Why Join?

Treasure Valley Women in Tech is designed for :

  • Students and new grads looking to grow their leadership skills or find their very first role

  • Women are already navigating established careers in startup organizations to global, Fortune 50 companies

  • Those whom are happily retired from successful careers and are looking to stay in touch with their peers or mentor the next generation

Membership Offerings & Requirements

Treasure Valley Women in Tech offers three types of memberships. Specific membership requirements vary whether you are a Junior, Core, or Mentor. Find out which membership is right for you here. 

Sound Awesome?

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